When summer gives way to autumn we go in search of warmth: the sauna represents all the beneficial aspects related to the heat and physical and mental well-being of a moment given to ourselves. Grandform realizes saunas that are studied in detail starting from the careful choice of precious (and ecological) materials, passing through the careful craftsmanship, and arriving at the elegant realization.

The pleasure of a moment of peace inside your home: with Grandform you realize the desire to have a unique product in the bathroom that combines the pleasure of a relaxing break with the contemporary aesthetics of a traditional but innovative sauna.

The therapeutic virtues of this supreme source of well-being have been known around the world for hundreds and hundreds of years. With the bio sauna he brings to all homes a product designed for those who love the intense and dry heat of the traditional sauna but also created for those who prefer a milder temperature (about 60 ° C) and a slight humidity (50%). A sauna is suitable for the whole family and available in two models,  Bio Level and  Bio-Pro.

The lower temperature than the classic Finnish sauna and the presence of humidity is therefore the main characteristics of the Bio-Pro sauna, with an elegant design without visible screws. Dehydrated fir was used for the load-bearing structure which guarantees maximum stability, marine plywood for the external walls, heat-treated birch for the internal slats: the panoramic window offers a hinged door, the interior two benches birch or fir. The ventilation system allows constant air circulation inside the Bio-Pro sauna and prevents the formation of fungi and molds.
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