Rosa is the bedroom that grows with your little girl . The bed and furniture have all the accessories a mother needs and a little girl could want. What makes the baby bedrooms of the Dafnedesign line characteristic are the soft and welcoming colors. The furnishing elements, all avant-garde and elegant, allow a greater adaptability of the bedroom to the needs of the child . Such as the cradle of the Pink line; its characteristic is the complete transformation from a cradle to a bed for a child. To allow this transformation the steps to be carried out are simple and fast! In just two steps you can remove the bars placed on the sides of the whole cot. By disassembling the changing table you will have a bedside table where you can store your baby’s clothes and items. By doing this, you have obtained a room suitable for your little girl’s growth.

The collections for the newborn line by Dafne design they are made to measure for your child , a wide choice of furniture for girls and boys with interchangeable accessories, to make the bedroom personalized and suited to tastes of the parent and the child.

There is a wide selection of children's bedrooms all of high quality and with wooden furniture.

You can choose from the bedrooms designed especially for girls, such as the bedroom furnished with our collection. The candy pink color of this bedroom, very soft and relaxing, will make the days spent with your child pleasant and comfortable.
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Make the bedroom comfortable & nbsp; and practice

The cot, including the mattress, is practical and has all the accessories a mother needs. The compartment where you can store the linen is also a shelf for baby change. The drawer at the base of the cot is a pull-out bed. The safety bar can be removed and the nappy changing shelf divides into two bedside tables. Thus the cradle becomes a bed for little girl.
L ‘ wardrobe , very large, has two LED lights inside and lots of shelves made to measure for girl’s dresses
The pink carpet where you can play with your little girl and to finish the curtains make the environment more welcoming and reassuring.