At home, you can often find space for everything, but in the bathroom, there never seems to be enough: towels, supplies of toilet paper, collections of shower gels and body creams, everyday objects that sometimes take over to the point of barely giving us space to come in. Furniture tutorials and magazines always say to make the most of it, but how do you do it?

It is in these images that we come across large places like the entire apartment we live in, airy environments, uncluttered floors, and empty shelves. The truth is that our house is lived in every day by its inhabitants and sometimes the order is at odds with practicality. If your bathroom is tiny or if you have space but can’t organize it well then you definitely need some space-saving tips.

Let’s start from the beginning with the design. If you are in this phase, remember to insert all the pipes inside the walls, to make sure that the drains and water intakes are in the same power supply and evacuation system. Then it will be convenient to choose small furniture and sanitary fixtures, especially the sink, to pay attention to the overall dimensions: the idea of ​​lifting the furniture off the ground offers more free space on the ground and easier cleaning operations.

The mirrors will help you expand the space by creating an illusion that increases the volumes and doubles them, the colors will do the same. Go for warm tones, coordinate hues, match the elements, and play with layers and empty spaces. White walls and fabrics on the windows, the important thing is that the materials are of quality: use the budget by making choices that enhance the defects of the room and transform it into a unique place. Look at our proposals …

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