Warm, relaxing and elegant, wood and natural style can give you, in your bathroom, a regenerating experience , as well as making the furniture more harmonious. In fact, the choice of wood as a response to the new needs of the contemporary bathroom will bring you closer to nature. The particular grain of the wood also makes the environment suitable for your taste. Dafnedesign presents a series of exclusive proposals that combine research, formal elegance and design, combining traditional materials and innovative finishes. They are details and solutions designed for metropolitan environments that require new architectural and stylistic languages.


Dafnedesign is attentive to the selection of raw materials and ecological needs , which are now more than ever priority. For this reason we have created a collection in wood of bathroom furniture . Our craftsmen particularly work wood with great passion and gratitude for what nature has given us. A new project aimed at enhancing wood with a careful recovery of the material and the use of wood generated from sustainable crops . We produce in full respect of nature and with a zero environmental impact. In fact, by operating in this way, we were able to obtain natural and unique furniture.
The great passion for wood prompted us to experiment by recovering materials. For example, we work on boards of noble Chestnut with surfaces rich in knots and veins, naturally aged. These materials would otherwise be doomed to destruction.
Yet chestnut wood is characterized by textures, knots and different natural shades, created by time and bad weather . The natural designs become peculiar characteristics on the surfaces of the boards. The furniture thus becomes personal and unique. The harmonious knots of chestnut generate tranquility and emotional well-being. An operation of enhancement and enhancement of the deep marks in the wood makes the surfaces of the various components unique and unrepeatable. The surfaces that characterize this collection have been modeled by nature in a unique and distinctive way. Thanks to creativity, the skilled hands of skilled craftsmen and the use of the most modern processing systems, they come to life in your bathroom, making it personal and exclusive. The goal is above all to immerse yourself in a pleasant environment and the achievement of well-being and health.

A product that fits yours exclusive projects

Dafnedesign presents you a series of products versatile and adaptable to all the needs of different environments and new lifestyles. The bespoke design allows you to optimize space. Furthermore, the great variety of finishes and colors creates new and original functional and aesthetic solutions to make your bathroom environment comfortable from all points of view.
Tidiness makes your daily routine more efficient, which is why we have included convenient organizers inside our bathroom furniture to help keep your items organized and close at hand. Wood is the perfect material for these drawers, its lightness and color give space to your creativity
Make use of all your spaces using the wall-mounted column . Practical and elegant, it is also equipped with a mirror on the back. It can contain all the essential items for your personal care. The column, coupled with our wooden furniture, makes the toilet perfectly organized . Take care of yourself and immerse yourself in nature in a Dafnedesign bathroom.