Modular living room wall, dark wood color


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Product description – Modular wall for living room, dark wood color, H. 196 x P.62 x L.296, 138 Kg, 1.99 Mc / M-, n.-collars 16. Wall base elements: Structure: upper top in solid wood, 26 mm thick, in lime or toulipier walnut veneered with national walnut – the rest of the structure is in fir blockboard veneered with national walnut and Tanganyika or anigr- walnut 20 mm thick.-Backdrop – Backrest: made of 8 mm thick plywood.-Doors: 34/35 mm thick solid door in toulipier walnut, spruce blockboard panel veneered with national walnut and inlaid with white maple.-Frames: hat, plinth, shoulders, coping made of solid toulipier walnut wood.-Drawers- Drawers: solid wood 26 mm thick in lime or toulipier walnut veneered with national walnut, dovetail joints – 10 mm thick birch plywood bottom with diamond processing – sides with dovetail joints 18/20 mm thick in wood lime or poplar.-Handles and Hinges: satin brass material, burnished brass.-Finish: rag painting with ecological water-based dye, one coat of polyurethane base coat, two coats of antique paint, double coat of 50/60 gloss shellac, semi-open pore.-100% Made in Italy (F4)