Tris Coffee Tables stackable to matryoshka Antique walnut wood


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Product description – Tris coffee tables – Dimensions: L 58 P 34 H 58 cm – Three nesting tables in matryoshka style – Decorates classic and tasteful environments with style – 100% Made in Italy – Classic style decorations are handmade – Made thanks to a combination of technology, methodology and raw materials of the highest quality – a product appreciated both in Italy but above all by foreign customers, for the style and taste made in Italy – The polishing is performed in an artisanal way using water-based dyes with shellac molds and finishes – The colorless water-based varnish is suitable for all types of wood – The style and polishing make it Ideal for indoor environments – the excellent technical characteristics of the polishing make it suitable for outdoor use – Polishing water-based It enhances the natural grain of the wood – we develop products free from toxic pigments and with low solvent emissions that allow drastic reductions of the factors-pollutants, giving particular attention to the environment – Antique Walnut Wood Cabinet – Made with a strong, generous wood, rich in history and life, choosing the finest essences, the best cut and perfect seasoning – Born in full respect of nature, and beauty – (DF18)