Classic walnut complete bedroom (double bed) (TVG)


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Product description

Complete classic walnut bedroom, equipped with double bed with perforated panel, wardrobe with two sliding doors, chest of drawers, two bedside tables and mirror. Chest of drawers with 5 drawers, bedside tables with 2 drawers. Made with natural material of excellence.-Strictly hand finished MADE in ITALY ; Measurements : Wardrobe: (cm. L.290 H.250 P.67) Bed: (cm. L .176 P.210 H.110) Chest of drawers: (cm. L. 122 H.106 P.50) Bedside table: (cm. L.61 P.38 H.58) Mirror: (cm. L.100 H.75)

Other Information

Dimensions 290 × 67 × 250 cm