Simonetti Castelli Italia artistic ceramic plate hand made and hand painted Orsini Colonna


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Code: OC-20 Orsini Colonna Collection “Art classics” Art classics> Orsini Colonna This collection is inspired by the sixteenth century production called “ORSINI-COLONNA” which is considered one of the most important ceramic productions of the Renaissance.-Today the original vases are found in the most important museums in the world: British Museum, Louvre, Ermitage, Metropolitan.-A set of apothecary jars that was made in Castelli on the occasion of a wedding between two members of the Roman families of the Orsini and the Colonna.-In fact, the best known piece, the flask with the bear embracing the column, preserved in the British Museum, bears the inscription “Et sarrimo boni amici”.-This collection was believed to be of Faenza origin and was attributed to Castelli only in 1989. SIMONETTI, thanks to the commitment to morphological and chromatic research and reconstruction, carried out with the archaeological team, was the only artisan workshop that had the honor of exhibiting their reproductions alongside the originals from collectors from all over the world.-Thanks to the long research conducted, SIMONETTI was able to elaborate a particular graphic study of the subjects and faithfully recreate the sixteenth-century Blue of the Castellana palette.Collection: Art classics – Orsini Colonna Dimensions: 39×39 cm Description: Quadrangular plate