Complete bedroom for boy or child in car and racing circuit style


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Complete bedroom for boy or child in car style and racing circuit Includes : a wardrobe, a desk and study wall, a shelf, a bedside table, a bed, a mattress, a set of blankets and pillows , a Curtain, a Chandelier, a Carpet A Wardrobe with 2 sliding accordion doors – Inside a coat hanger illuminated with LED light and seven shelves and two drawers Dimensions Wardrobe: Width: 120 cm Height: 202 cm Depth: 57 cm A Desk and study wall with five shelves, 4 drawers, two pen holders, a sideboard, a led light, two doors USB and two speakers with Bluetooth technology Dimensions Desk: Width: 117 cm Height: 196 cm Depth: 70 cm A metal Shelf with two shaped shelves of spoilers Dimensions shelf: Width: 91 cm Height: 21 cm Depth: 29 cm A Bedside table in the shape of a metal barrel Dimensions Bucket: Width: 41 cm Height: 36 cm Depth: 41 cm A Bed a square in the shape of a car Corsa GTS with headboard in the shape of upholstered seats in Polystyrene – The bed has sound effects and LED lights – Includes a mattress and set of blankets and pillows – Three sound effects simulate the ignition of the car, the electronic lock and the horn – The LED lights light up the four headlights and the rims Dimensions bed: Width: 127 cm Height: 80 cm Depth: 220 cm A Tent with two drops decorated in circuit style stroke Dimensions Curtain: Width: 140 cm Height: 260 cm A ceiling Chandelier with one light and plastic lampshade Dimensions Chandelier: Width: 29 cm Height: 60 cm Depth: 29 cm A Carpet decorated with a racing circuit Dimension-i Carpet: Width: 133 cm Height: 1 cm Depth: 190 cm ; Shipping: Being handmade products, delivery times are approximately 30 working days

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