Early childhood bed for baby or girl bedroom


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Product description

[/ video] n nDafnedesign.com – Baby bed for baby room – Suitable for a room for a child or infant – A cot with features designed for growth suitable for babies and children – Structure equipped with telescopic safety bar with poles, lower drawer and diaper changing shelf with three drawers and two shelves – Cot dimensions: Width: 183 cm Height: 111 cm Depth: 89 cm – Structure in white wood – The bed is convertible into a child’s bed by removing the safety bar, the diaper changing shelf becomes two separate bedside tables – The nappy changing shelf can be divided into two bedside tables, one with three drawers and one with two open shelves – the chest of drawers below can accommodate a mattress for the mother who wants to sleep next to her child – Easily assembled with the help of another person – Includes two mate-rassi and set blankets and pillows – The pillow set also covers the cage – [Series: Dafne-Cotone] – (DF11)