Bedroom for Girl


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Product description – Girl’s Bedroom – L. 307 cm – P. 307 cm – H. 261.2 cm – complete with: n.-1 single bed, L. 106 cm – P. 206 cm – H. 85 cm, for network 90 x 190;-n.-1 padded Sommier;-n.-1 Bridge wardrobe with hinged doors, H. 261.2 cm;-n.-1 Bookcase Wall with folding desk;-n.-2 -W- Libraries;-n.-1 Chair – Mattresses, bed bases, led strips, spotlights and coordinated items are excluded.-In the walk-in closets, shelves and accessories are excluded.-Finishes: White, Medium Gray, Petunia, Yellow – 100% Wood – Hinged door wardrobes: Sides, dividers, bases, lids (thickness 2.3) and half tops (thickness 2.8) are made with honeycomb wood panels fir, veneered externally with non-toxic pre-composite wood.-The backrests (thickness 0.6) are upright with a grooved recessed system.-The doors (thickness 1.9) are made of class E1 poplar wood particle panels.-Bookcase Wall: Made of class E1 wood particle panels, veneered with non-toxic pre-composite wood except for those water-based scratch-resistant lacquers;-3 cm thick.-Backrests 1 cm thick.-Support surface for bridge bookcase walls sp.-6 cm honeycomb as standard.-Hanging Bookcases: Made of E1 class wood particle panels, veneered with non-toxic precomposed wood with the exception of scratch-resistant water-based lacquered ones;-3 cm thick.-Backrests 1 cm thick.-Painting – Lacquering: Water-based with closed pore and matt finish degree.-Fillers and paints are used in compliance with the strict regulatory laws currently in force. 100% Made in Italy (SF30)