Complete bedroom for boy or child in football style


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Product description – Complete bedroom for boy or child in football style – Includes: a bed, a mattress, a set of blankets and pillows, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a bedside table, a curtain, a carpet, a lamp, a chandelier – a Bed decorated with a soccer ball on the headboard and a photo of a football player at the base – Includes a mattress and set of blankets and pillows – and a foldaway chest of drawers – Bed dimensions: Width: 94 cm Height: 124 cm Depth: 193 cm – The chest of drawers slides under the base of the bed and can accommodate objects or a second mattress for a guest – A wardrobe with 2 sliding accordion doors – Inside a coat hanger illuminated with LED light and seven shelves and two drawers at the base – Wardrobe dimensions: Width : 120 cm Height: 211 cm Depth: 56 cm – A bedside table with two drawers decorated with the shorts of a football player in relief – Bedside dimensions: Width: 45 cm Height: 49 cm Depth: 36 cm – A curtain with two falls-decorated with soccer balls – Curtain dimensions: Width: 145 cm – A carpet – decorated with a football field – Carpet dimensions: Width: 133 cm Height: 1 cm Depth: 190 cm – A desk lamp with a light – Lampshade in plastic in the shape of a soccer ball – Lamp dimensions: Width: 20 cm Height: 44 cm Depth: 20 cm – A ceiling chandelier with three lights – Plastic lampshade in the shape of a net with three footballs – Chandelier dimensions: Width: 40 cm Height: 60 cm Depth: 40 cm – [Series: Dafne-Calcio] – (DF11)