The sauna is a dream, inside we feel the heat that relaxes us and the well-being that pervades us.

Now imagine this moment of total well-being that awaits you every day in your home.

Let us allow ourselves the luxury of relaxation listening to the delicate sound of music, enjoying the atmosphere created by warm and bright candles, pampered by aromatic essential oils. What better place to find our corner of paradise than our home?

Try to imagine a small real spa inside your home. Just any space, a tavern, a few meters removed from a too large room, a garage or an attic, or even a corner of the garden or terrace.

Finding the space in your home to place a sauna is cheaper than you think, but above all it is comfortable and pleasant.

Dafnedesign offers you a Finnish sauna with a dual function, ready to give you many psychophysical benefits deriving from the heat bath.


The Bio saunas are perfectly adaptable to the spaces of your home.

Passion for design, elegance, careful choice of precious materials and craftsmanship, are the elements that distinguish our spa. The structure, in fact, is studied in detail and the entire production process is constantly checked in order to ensure the highest quality, with particular attention to the ecological aspect of the materials used.

I immersing yourself in the beneficial and healthy heat of the sauna in the intimacy of your own home is now a realizable desire within everyone’s reach. Well-being corners in which to carve out a relaxing break, designed to fit your desires and your spaces.

The origin of the sauna is very ancient, its therapeutic and aesthetic virtues have spread and improved especially among the Nordic peoples, especially in Finland, where it has become a supreme source of well-being. The Bio Sauna is an innovative solution that manages to reconcile different needs thanks to its dual function. It is the ideal product for those who love intense heat and dry traditional sauna but it also fully satisfies those who, while appreciating the heat, prefer a softer temperature and a slight moisture content .

The sauna is suitable for all needs

bollitore sauna
In these Bio models it is possible to activate the “Sauna” mode or choose the “BIOSAUNA” function which differs from the Finnish sauna both for the lower temperature and for the presence of humidity. Because of this dual function, the BIO SAUNAS are dedicated to the whole family.
Dual mode of use: Finnish sauna : with temperatures around 80-90 ° C and a dry environment; BIOSAUNA : with a wetter climate and a lower temperature, around 60 ° C and humidity around 50%.

A Sauna wherever you want it

The Bio Sauna is equipped with a stove with kettle and container for aromatherapy. The kettle tank has a capacity of 5 liters and is manual filling . A water connection is therefore not necessary. The stove has a safety sensor : if this is empty, the operation of the Bio Sauna stops automatically. The floor , supplied in a rollable grid, is particularly pleasant to the touch . It is also removable for easier cleaning of the interior . The Bio sauna can be installed on the existing floor. The insertion of glass doors or panoramic glass walls allows you to create bright volumes and modern spaces, making the sauna an object where tradition blends with the modernity of design. Particular attention is paid to the choice of glass which is tempered (8 mm) and guarantees optimal thermal resistance.
KEYBOARD TOUCH SCREEN: The standard digital keyboard , enclosed in an elegant wooden frame, allows you to set the sauna parameters in a quick and intuitive way by touching the icons on the color display. It integrates additional functions such as temperature regulation and the possibility of delayed ignition. Display functions: A – Keyboard on / off B – Stove on / off C – On / off White light / Chromotherapy D – Confirm E – Arrows to move among the menus
It is not necessary to have large spaces available to create your own area dedicated to well-being and relaxation. So treat yourself to a sauna just for you in your home. Also if you log in to our site you can take advantage of the 7% discount on all our products. Hurry up!