It is said that bathrooms are the visiting card of homes and that looking at a bathroom you can understand many things about the person who owns that bathroom.

This is probably true, as it is true that the first thing you notice in this room of the house is the washbasin cabinet, this being the element that is usually the most visible and most used by everyone. If it is true that the bathroom and in particular the washbasin cabinet have all this importance, then it is right that, when furnishing the house, particular attention is paid to this area of ​​the house and its main element: the washbasin cabinet. different types of washbasin furniture: they vary according to the size, materials, colors and type of washbasin they support: it can in fact be recessed, and in this case it must be borne in mind that the underlying part of the cabinet
it will be partly occupied by the lower part of the sink (more or less depending on the depth of the latter!); or it can be countertop and in this case the lower part of the cabinet will be completely free. Given the great variety of existing washbasin furniture and the consequent difficulty of choice that can derive, today, we at Dafne Italian Design, want to show you some types of washbasin furniture and explain to you for which styles, which uses and which environments they are more suitable.

Mobile con lavabo e cassettoni, stile classico
Cabinet with sink and drawers, classic style

To begin…

We want to start with this washbasin that is simple and traditional in shape, but built with a precise hand and attention to detail. Designed and made to measure by the Italian studio, this washbasin cabinet is certainly beautiful and elegant, but also very useful, given the large and capacious drawers and shelves it presents.


Here is a type of rustic washbasin cabinet, especially suitable for mountain homes where the warm color of the wood dominates in every room, it also adapts to the urban style. This sink cabinet has several interesting and useful elements from a practical point of view: first of all, the sink is visible, this means that the underlying part will not be occupied by the bottom of the sink. Second interesting detail is given by the large support surface, a third very comfortable and versatile factor, is given by the capacious drawers with wheels that can be moved and repositioned if necessary, last and important element, is the large rectangular mirror with lamp led design. Cost:  2,879.00 you can see it here…. House 1: Camera da letto in stile In stile Country di Opera s.r.l.

With countertop sink

Here is another type of bathroom furniture with a rustic / urban style. Very large and completely furnishes your bathroom, also this beautiful with wood effect finishes and the water green tone gives the bathroom a relaxing and fresh look. This composition has the washbasin with an oval shape and its depth makes it useful for different uses. Plenty of space available between shelves, drawers and doors, perfect if you have lots of objects, towels and detergents to store. The mirror has built-in LED lights, the towel bar under the sink is also very convenient.
Cost: 3.789,00 € see here the details.

For those who love the high quality and very elegant Decò / Classic style, here are some of our best proposals:

What’s your favorite bathroom furniture? How would you view your new bathroom? We are really interested in your ideas !!! Share them with us in the comments of this article …😉

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