A space that certainly cannot be given up is the laundry area.

Essential to keep everything in order and to have a specific place where you can wash your clothes.

In this area of ​​the house, organization and order are basic; it is therefore essential to choose the right laundry furniture, resistant and water-repellent washing machine and dryer columns that best suit your space.

At Dafne Italian Design we offer sinks and furniture for the laundry selecting the most prestigious and renowned Italian brands among the various proposals of furniture and furnishing accessories. Essential design, modularity and compositional flexibility guarantee the perfect combination of aesthetics and function to be declined in the laundry bathroom.

By making the right choice, you can create your own laundry corner in the bathroom or use, if available, a special room.

How to choose the perfect laundry cabinet for your needs

Every room in the house must be furnished with care and taste, without ever neglecting the functional aspect. The choice of furniture, accessories and the organization of space helps to make every place more liveable, however small it may be. The same attention is due to the room used as a laundry , which can be customized with different solutions in line with one’s needs. There is nothing less welcoming than a home that does not reflect one’s way of being and living. There are many proposals to choose from for a functional laundry , in style with the rest of the furniture and in keeping with your habits. Those who have a large space available will have more choice and will have no problems in furnishing the laundry room with all the elements they need. On the other hand, those who have to deal with a small size will have to focus their attention on essential space-saving accessories .

There are many solutions to furnish the laundry area: from furniture for the