Do you want to furnish the children’s room in a creative and truly original way?

If your children are lovers of motors then you can choose themed elements and, in particular, here we will present you with lots of car-shaped beds and ship-shaped beds in total pirate style!

It goes without saying that children will go crazy with joy in discovering their bed in the Formula 1 racing version … you can then choose to furnish the entire bedroom inspired by the world of cars or to insert only the bed in this particular style inside it, perhaps taking care for example to match the colors of the walls.

Of course, these machine-shaped beds are also made for girls and in particular you will find for some models of the double versions in different chromatic variations ….

All the beds are made with special care and you can admire the details of the wheels and the adhesives that sponsor during the races, without forgetting the unique shape of each of them, which ranges from aerodynamic to functional…

Instead, for a more romantic style for our little girls, we have princess-style bedrooms with softer and very romantic and feminine shades!

or if you want a classic and total white7 girl’s bedroom, I suggest you look at these wonderful solutions

Here are some examples of car-shaped beds and if you also want to see how to furnish your child’s entire bedroom with the automotive style in pandant, you can look at all the accessories (curtains, lamps, carpets, bedside tables, chairs, desks, F1 style wardrobes) ) by clicking on this link.

doppio letto a forma di auto da corsa rossaletto a forma di auto bianca

What if your child wants a bedroom in total “Pirate” style with a ship-shaped bed? Do you know that we also have all the accessories to make the whole bedroom pirate style? …No

…. your children are becoming boys and would you like to give them a nice surprise? a bedroom with all the comforts for studying and with USB sockets? in Dark-Metal style?

Here is a solution that might be right for you! 🙂

See all the products of the Dark – Metal series:

Want more ideas for your kids?

Here are some suggestions:

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