How to have a sauna in your home?

The sauna is a dream, inside we feel the heat that relaxes us and the well-being that pervades us. Now imagine this moment of total well-being that awaits you every day in your home. Let us allow ourselves the luxury of relaxation listening to the delicate sound of music, enjoying the atmosphere created by warm […]

Rediscover Nature in your bathroom

Mobile per bagno moderno con lavabo sospeso.

Warm, relaxing and elegant, wood and natural style can give you, in your bathroom, a regenerating experience , as well as making the furniture more harmonious. In fact, the choice of wood as a response to the new needs of the contemporary bathroom will bring you closer to nature. The particular grain of the wood […]

How to choose a custom laundry cabinet

mobile lavanderia

A space that certainly cannot be given up is the laundry area. Essential to keep everything in order and to have a specific place where you can wash your clothes. In this area of ​​the house, organization and order are basic; it is therefore essential to choose the right laundry furniture, resistant and water-repellent washing […]


Everything you need to know about refrigerated wine cellars. Among the products marketed you can find professional and domestic wine cellars, able to satisfy every need of wine lovers. Its models are characterized by a  refined and refined design, which combined with efficient refrigeration systems ensures perfect preservation of the precious bottles. The best ever: – […]

How to choose the right furniture for our bathroom?

It is said that bathrooms are the visiting card of homes and that looking at a bathroom you can understand many things about the person who owns that bathroom. This is probably true, as it is true that the first thing you notice in this room of the house is the washbasin cabinet, this being […]



At home, you can often find space for everything, but in the bathroom, there never seems to be enough: towels, supplies of toilet paper, collections of shower gels and body creams, everyday objects that sometimes take over to the point of barely giving us space to come in. Furniture tutorials and magazines always say to […]

What to know before buying a Sauna


Product THE BIO PRO SAUNAS When summer gives way to autumn we go in search of warmth: the sauna represents all the beneficial aspects related to the heat and physical and mental well-being of a moment given to ourselves. Grandform realizes saunas that are studied in detail starting from the careful choice of precious (and ecological) […]

Mini Pools


A Grandform mini-pool is an invitation to well-being and relaxation to be enjoyed alone or shared as a couple, with family, or with friends. Immersing yourself in water means freeing yourself from tension and stress giving yourself a boost of energy. What distinguishes the Grandform whirlpools, making them a unique product of its kind, is […]

Multifunction shower cubicles

Grandform multifunction shower enclosures are designed to give total and enveloping well-being. Moments of pure relaxation, to be enjoyed at home after the stress of the day, thanks to the massaging action of water capable of relaxing body and mind: back jets, useful for toning; zenith, jet, and rain, for an intense and invigorating effect or extremely […]